Surgery Recovery Necessities

One week post-op: keeping a brave face through my second spine surgery recovery (and a heckuva lot of pain meds).

One week ago, I underwent a second ACDF spine surgery and have been home recovering since. It’s been real. This time around has not been like the first surgery, in fact, it has been harder. Luckily, I have developed the tools to handle this situation a lot better and while I am not ready to write a lengthy essay surrounding philosophies of healing and self-care, I am ready to share some of the little things… too often slivers of happiness are found in the tiniest of treasures.

Pajamas. The comfier, the better and with 6 weeks of recovery looming, that’s a lot of PJs! PJs happen to be my favorite clothing item, I have often planned get togethers around the wearing of PJs because comfort must be celebrated. I have tried a lot all of the major brands, at all different price points but right now, I am living in my Land’s End flannel bottoms and Target workout top. Other favorite bottoms that help to fully embrace the comfort of bed rest include all the Athleta joggers and once the weather warms up, Old Navy cotton bottoms.

Deliciousness. To recover well, you gotta eat well. My surgeon has repeated that my nutrition must be top notch as I heal in order to give the bones what they need and to just feel good. Currently, I am on a liquid diet (as my surgery was through the neck and swallowing is painful) so drinking super healthy things for 3 meals a day is hard but I did my research the first time around and ordered up a ton of bone broth and soup from Kettle and Fire and smoothies, nut milks, and green juices from Pressed Juicery.

More deliciousness. All that healthy stuff is well and good and exactly what my body needs but my soul craves some indulgence too- especially when I am in pain and feeling sorry for myself. It’s all a part of recovery and liquid diets allow for lots of fun things like milkshakes, ice cream, and pudding. Yuuuum. Hubby brought home a box of Entenmann’s “Soft’ees” Doughnuts and those, exactly as described, were super soft and super good!

I will be back!

Vibes. All the good ones: Amazoned myself super comfy socks, a cool pink salt lamp, and a new fancy candle (smells sooooooooooo good!), creating a very spa-like combo that paired with pajama pants and a chocolate milkshake is downright heavenly. Even if you aren’t recovering from surgery, maybe just recovering from a long day, this is a recipe to try!

Words. 7 days out from surgery and I am feeling better enough to start reading, I have way too many books downloaded already- fictions, biographies, yoga philosophies of course. First three on my list: “I’m Glad My Mom Died“, “Come As You Are“, then “The Book of Joy“. Most of my reads are on Kindle, but I have several hard covers like Michelle Obama’s new one and several by Pema Chodron already waiting on my shelves. I also adore thrillers and during the last surgery’s recovery 2 years ago, I read “The Sanitorium” so its follow up, book 2, “The Retreat” is also on my list.

Connection. Some days I want to be left completely alone. Completely. This is not an easy thing to communicate and for good reason- when you are in recovery from major surgery, you should not be left alone. Napping the day away is a good thing right now but always take a moment to connect with those who are caring for you, they only want to help. Say thank you. Respond to those texts from friends. I understand how hard it can be and it is okay to say so, “I am having a bad day.” And those that love you will understand. Connect to claim your calm, even when the effort feels insurmountable.

And that’s all I got in me today in terms of writing and that’s perfectly okay. I was able to eat some oatmeal this morning and RB is coming over shortly for a walk so today is already a good day. Each tomorrow will be brighter and even if not, I know I have an amazing family and lots of tiny treasures to keep me held in comfort in the meantime- and that’s all I need.

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